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Ksenia Rychtycka
Crossing The Border  Praise
“This is the first book I received through the First Reads Giveaway from Goodreads. What an amazing introduction to a wonderful program! The stories crossed geographical borders, but also cultural and emotional ones. The dialogue was spare but so eloquent that it catches your breath and steals your heart. You feel the pain of the characters, their joy and disenchantment and you want to reach out, hold them and engage in conversation. The descriptions of the settings draw you in as though you are intimately part of the story. This was an awesome introduction to the work of Ksenia Rychtycka. If you haven’t read any of her work, you owe it to yourself to do so. You’ll find yourself revisiting the stories long after you’ve put the book aside. Savor these stories as you would a fine wine!” —Diane,        Posted on Goodreads * * * “I’ve just finished reading Crossing The Border; it’s difficult to express how this book affected me. My father and grandparents came from Lithuania (his mom was Russian, father Lithuanian) and spoke only infrequently of the struggles and difficulties in his country of birth. I always felt a void not knowing their past and frequently wondered what their journey and struggles were. While the timeline was more recent than their arrival to the USA and the struggles were certainly different, Crossing The Border touched my heart and brought me closer to understanding my father and grandparents as well as the common struggles of those leaving, returning, and/or staying in their country of birth. I recommend this book for anyone of European descent.” —Shirley B.,        Posted on Crossing the Border Blog * * * Crossing the Border takes the homegrown American into the world of a country that is nothing like our own. Ksenia Rychtycka guides us through that world in her short stories to our country with the hope that we, too, can see the world through her eyes.” —Linda Hudson Hoagland,     author, Snooping Can Be Dangerous * * * “Rich characters, haunting images, compelling stories... Crossing the Border is a must-read.” —Tammy Robinson Smith,     author of the soon-to-be released     Didama’s Garden from Mountain Girl Press * * * “Beautifully written and fully imagined, Ksenia Rychtycka’s stories are rich with color and setting.  Though many of her characters are prisoners—of history, politics, inertia or fear—there is an undercurrent of hope and even salvation, which arrives in deftly quiet and compelling ways: a scrawny bird, a recipe contest, the toll of a distant bell.  Rychtycka is a writer of astonishing compassion and honesty, a writer to be cherished and watched.” —Dorene O’Brien, award-winning author     of Voices of the Lost and Found * * * “Ksenia Rychtycka weaves her characters with dignity, compassion, and strength in Crossing the Border. Blending history and ethnicity, each story delivers universal human emotions with an amazing voice. The reader is captivated, anticipating each turn of the page.” —Susan Noe Harmon,         author, Under the Weeping Willow            www.snharmon.com * * *
“One of the strongest images in this anthology is Babtsia. The image of the strong and competent Ukrainian grandmother caring for the emotional and spiritual needs of future generations is skillfully portrayed by Rychtycka.”
—Myra Junyk, Knyzhka Corner Book Review Nash Holos Ukrainian Radio